Introducing NEW children’s prints, birthday cards and party invitations

I’m so excited to introduce you to our new friends, The Party Animals. These guys are so fun to hang out with, which is good because we’ve been working with them for a while now, getting them party ready for you.

They’re lending their cool style to new modern children’s prints, birthday cards, and party invitations + thankyou notes. Each one is hand finished with die cut felt shapes for extra texture and dimension.

Meet The Dapper Penguin, The Flying Zebra, The Giant Giraffe, The Flapper Pelican, The Playful Panda, with special appearances from The Party Tiger and The Party Ostrich!

I describe them as children’s prints and birthday cards, but to be honest, we love them and we’re adults. Or maybe we’ve just never grown up. I guess there are quite a few of us around because when we had our pop up sale recently, we sold our animal friends to lots of adults for their offices and homes…!

We’ve also introduced some pretty special children’s party invitations with complementary thankyou notes. As with our other products, each one is hand finished with extra details- in this case felt balloons- guaranteed to make your invites stand out in the party crowd. We’re proud to be selling these exclusively through Not on the High Street.

So put on your glad-rags, grab your favourite Party Animal, and get ready to have some fun!



The Hello Geronimo studio pop up

As on online business, one of the things we miss the most is being able to meet customers face to face.

So the other week we decided to set up shop in our studio building to soft launch our new Party Animal collection.

We’re lucky to have the amazing Volcano Coffee cafe in our building, which not only serves the best coffee in South East London, it also has the perfect space for a little pop up sale.

It was great to meet lots of other businesses that we share the building with, as well as the general public who dropped in to visit. And we got to see quite a few of our new Party Animals dance off to new homes!

We’ll definitely be doing it again soon, so keep your eyes open for announcements of new dates.

The best from Pick Me Up: Graphics Arts Festival

Art Makes Children Powerful quote artwork

We are spoiled with so many talented illustrators and graphic designers around at the moment.

So when we heard about the 2016 Pick Me Up: Graphics Arts Festival being held at Somerset House, we knew it was worth leaving the studio for.

With emerging designers as well as more established names like typography trailblazer Alan Kitching, there was inspiration around every corner. We particularly liked the focus on typography, which will always be a timeless design classic, and is something we love playing with in our work.

Work that really caught our eye was by Dan Singer, Isabel & Helen, Corin Kennington.

A highlight of the visit was the chance to have a one off letterpress artwork made in front of us by London print house Peso Press. We love our Hello Geronimo print!

If you love design, you’ll probably love our post How good design can actually make you feel better, where we looked at our favourite stationers of the moment.

How good design can actually make you feel better

Katie Leamon stationery flatlay

Good design. Is it purely personal taste or do some things just universally work for everyone?

The Scandinavian countries are famed for their inherent sense of design. In Denmark for example, children grow up with beautifully functional school furniture. Well proportioned design is ingrained in their culture and expected as a standard. I think part of the reason that the Scandi style has taken off everywhere is that it promotes a sense of space, balance and cosiness. And yes, that actually makes you feel good.

Surrounding yourself with visually pleasing things on a daily basis makes you happy. That’s why we design prints and wall art bursting with colour and wit. We are also huge fans of design focused stationery and paper goods. I love nothing more than finding a new little notebook, beautiful pens and striking wrapping paper. I have a drawer dedicated to my stationery stash. It’s full of cards and washi tape and notebooks and honestly, just opening that drawer to look at it gives me so much joy. Not only do I have an endless supply of useful items I can use in my daily life, I also always have a sweet little gift and beautiful wrapping ready for forgotten birthdays, or those ‘just because’ gifts.

It’s National Stationery Week as I write this and it got me thinking about my favourite stationery brands. As a small creative business I often get to discover other boutique businesses early on, especially at shows we exhibit at such as Top Drawer. So, if you love good design and stationery as much as us, my top 8 stationery designers might hold some new discoveries for you!


Following the adventures of a pig and a rabbit, Ham have a minimal style with a seriously playful edge. The black and white graphics are so striking with humour running throughout. They specialise in cards, mugs and prints.

Katie Leamon

I’m a long time fan of Katie Leamon’s unique blend of graphics, texture and typography. The range is extensive, from cards to wrapping paper to writing sets. New for this year is POST, a monthly subscription service that includes a seasonal selection of stationery goodies. I’m hooked!


New brand Jot have launched with a really strong range of striking cards. Marble, granite and neon lettering are the focus of their first collections, so they are right on trend at the moment.

Tom Pigeon

Known for their balance of geometry, colour and luxurious foil finishes, there’s something lovely in knowing that they work in a studio by the beautiful Scottish coastline. Their pocket books are a really handy size and I always have one in my bag for notes on the go.

Velvet Olive

As you might be able to tell, I’m a bit of a sucker for some metallic foiling, and Velvet Olive combine lots of this with rough Kraft finishes. They’ve just introduced a new geometric gift box range, but they’re so attractive I think they’d also make great storage for the office.

Present & Correct

So while technically not a brand, this London shop houses the best in stationery finds. I simply couldn’t leave it from this list! If you’re looking for unusual paper clips, elegant pens, and every other stationery accessory you can think of, this is where you need to look. You’ll often find some really unusual items as they source globally.

Paul Farrell

With an unmistakable style that combines graphic shapes, bold colours and twists on classic compositions, Paul Farrell’s cards are some of my favourites. There are some great options for kids, and if you’re anything like me you’re always on the lookout for kids cards and prints that are stylish and cool.


We mentioned ola studio in our round-up of Top Drawer finds and I’m including them here because their notebooks are just lovely to use. Handmade in the UK, they have a high quality feel to them in an understated style. I predict big things for this design studio.

Introducing the new nursery rhyme collection for cool kids and stylish parents

We’ve designed a new range of colourful modern children’s prints for parents like us who believe kids stuff can be stylish as well as fun. Inspired by popular nursery rhymes that we all know, each one is hand finished with multi-coloured felt shapes to bring them to life.

Combining graphic typography and striking shapes are perfect if you want something less cutesy and more quirky for your kid’s space.

Buy now on our website here.

We’ve also designed a range of cards to give to your special little ones on every occasion, which you can buy now from our website here.

Hello Geronimo children's rhyme felt cards
Hello Geronimo children’s rhyme felt cards

A peek behind the scenes of our studio life

We were very happy to have the lovely folks over at lifestyle blog BLOVED come and visit us for a little studio tour and interview recently. They feature all sorts of beautiful weddings, interiors and fashion inspiration every day.

Our studio has never looked so bright and shiny thanks to the talents of Fiona Kelly Photography. This is a small taster, for the full interview and feature, head on over to BLOVED directly!

Champagne Life at The Saatchi Gallery

Champagne Life is a new exhibition at The Saatchi Gallery, featuring the work of 14 emerging female artists.

All of the artists are diverse in style, but we couldn’t help but be drawn to the work of Alice Anderson. Her giant bobbin is made of wood and copper thread, and is impressive in scale. Her second sculpture, a gleaming ball of copper, was created by walking 181 kilometres with the thread to spin and weave the shape.

Maha Malluh Food for Thought series 2016- photo courtesy of The Saatchi Gallery
Maha Malluh Food for Thought series 2016- photo courtesy of The Saatchi Gallery

For lovers of pattern and texture, Maha Malluh’s wall piece comprising of upturned burnt cooking pots is visually beautiful with an embellished quality that reminds us a bit of some of the buttons in our collection.

Julia Dault’s sculptures transform ordinary sheets of plastic into dynamic shapes by pulling them taut with tape and string. These pieces are just so cool and minimalist in their style.

The exhibition runs until 9th March 2016.

Last chance to visit: Eames at the Barbican

The Barbican Art Gallery is in the final week of The World of Charles and Ray Eames, and if you love design then this is one exhibition that you won’t want to miss.

20th century design has been so heavily influenced by this husband and wife partnership, that you will have come across their work in some shape or form without even realising.

It’s on until 14th February 2016.

The shop is also selling limited edition Eames inspired items, including from some of our favourite designers, Tom Pigeon and Ola.